‘When a background in education, parenting, publishing, and writing come together, great children’s books happen!’

Author Louise Park draws from a strong background in Education and literacy to produce her blockbuster bestsellers that include Zac Power and Boy vs Beast. She has taught primary school children of all ages, trained teachers in literacy education, created and developed successful reading resources to help children crack the reading code, and published books that have ignited such a love of reading in children that she has parents writing to her on a daily basis to thank her.

‘I’m in love with the magic of seeing children crack the reading code and making them want to read more!’ said Park. ‘Years of helping children learn to read has made me critically aware of that perfect match between reader and text. If the book grabs them, engages them irrevocably, if its content gets them right where they’re at, if the readability is just right, if all those things come together in one package then a child cannot help but succeed.’

Park’s books dominated the top ten slots on the children’s charts in 2013 when she held eight of the ten most coveted positions in publishing. She also holds position nine on the prestigious ‘10 best-selling books of all time in Australia’ (adults, children’s, fiction and nonfiction), where she found herself in excellent company alongside the likes of Jamie Oliver, Jodi Picoult and Nora Roberts.

With total sales over 3 million under her belt, her books are delighting children the world over.

Louise writes under her own name as well as the hugely successful pseudonyms: H. I. Larry, Mac Park and Poppy Rose.


‘I am Mexican and colours are such an important and amazing part of our culture… Ever since I was a little girl I always thought that the world and life itself could always use more colour.’

Illustrator Marlene Monterrubio is passionate about drawing for children. After completing her graphic design degree in Mexico and her post graduate degree in illustration in Barcelona, she has undertaken a wide range of illustration projects; but Harriet Clare is the first large-scale publishing venture she has worked on. Drawing for children makes Marlene’s days a joy – and Harriet makes her time illustrating especially bright, as she has the chance to explore the situations Harriet faces and interpret them in the colourful, humorous images that make these books what they are.

‘Drawing for kids makes my days joyful because, for them, there are no complications… life is so practical, simple and clean to children. When kids like something they are not afraid to go straight for what they want; it is only when we become grown-ups that we become timid because of the risk we might have to take. The Harriet Clare series is full of fun situations, and Harriet herself is full of smiles.‘