Q. What’s your name and how old are you?

A. I’m Harriet Clare. Sometimes I get called Clare Bear but only by really, really special people. I’m 8 years old but I’m so close to 9 that I’m gonna say 9. I’m one of the oldest kids in my class!

Q. Who is your best friend?

A. Well, Indie used to but she hangs out with Ella and Ruby now. OOOH! AHHH! Elle and Ruby. PUKE.
But you know what? And you have to keep this like TOTALLY TOP SECRET. I really, really miss Indie. But she doesn’t know that! Well, not yet, anyway. I don’t even know why she stopped being my BFF. She just did one day. Even bigger SOB! Oh, okay! OKAY! Maybe I might know a little bit about why but I’m not telling!besties

Q. What do you like doing in your spare time?

A. Skateboarding! I LOVE skateboarding. I’m like totally addicted to skateboarding. There’s nothing I love more. Other than that, I like playing the dancing video game with my friends and seeing who gets the highest score. Sleepovers! Painting our nails! Giving each other mad hair! Annoying my big brother! Jazz and ballet classes! Swimming! Soccer! Making cupcakes! Eating cupcakes!!! TRUTH OR DARE. OOOH! That’s the best.

Q. Do you have a pet?

A. Okay, you need to know that I have THE MOST AWESOME pet EVER! It’s a dog and her name is Puglet. She’s a pug. Well, OBVIOUSLY. HAHA. I got her for my seventh birthday and I LOVE her to BITS. She’s like my bestest friend EVER.puglet

Q. Why do you really think Indie stopped being your BFF?

A. Umm….welllll…if I tell you, you have to promise that you won’t think I’m like really naughty or something. CAUSE I’M NOT! Okay, well…I kinda sorta cut a big hole in Indie’s school uniform


SHHHH! I KNOW! I KNOW! It sounds terrible but I didn’t mean to. I really didn’t! Anyway, she got a bit mad and then she got really, really scared about how much trouble she was going to be in when her mum found out. Maybe that’s why she’s not my friend anymore. AWWWW. I feel super sad now. I’m going to go doodle and draw and write in my diary to make myself feel better. C YA.

You can find out the whole story about Indie and me and the hole in her uniform in my first notebook