I think this book is great and great for someone my age. I love how it is like in real life and all the cool pictures.

And that you should always just be honest with the person so you don’t make it worse.

from Jamie Coppen

(Age 9)

Harriet Clare is an amazing book. It makes your want to turn the page and see what happens next. It makes me want to read it over and over again. I think it will turn out well as a book. I was a little bit concerned when Harriet was telling us about how Indie didn’t hang out with Harriet any more. I loved the book, I can’t wait for the next one!

Maya Scott

(Age 8)

Just a quick note to let you know that the Harriet Clare Boys Beware book arrived yesterday, and I haven’t seen my seven year old’s face since – she’s had her head so deeply buried in the book that the only time she pops up is to quote me some funny line or show me a picture. She’s absolutely in love and can’t wait to get the second book, Pinkie Swear. …. She’s completely in love – I can’t wait to review this for haven, and get the next one for my daughter.

Anxiety is a common childhood disorder which often develops at a young age, sometimes from 4 years old. Here in Australia around 6 to 7% of all children and adolescents will have an anxiety disorder at any one time which makes it a very common, and also challenging, issue for families. It can be very easy to identify anxiety in a child but often it’s much harder to know what to do about it!

Harriet Clare provides children with a story which lots of children can relate to and normalises the experience of feeling panic about performing or being in front of an audience, as well as providing some language around the feelings experienced and healthy coping strategies to do. This offers children and parents some great topics for discussion as well as ideas on ‘what to do next’ to help with the stuck feeling which we all can find ourselves experiencing as parents! This makes it fun and practical resource for any library.

Anne-Marie is a Registered Psychologist who has a broad background in a number of sectors. After a previous career in the field of early childhood services where she worked with children and families, managing services and teaching students and those already working in the field, Anne-Marie then went back to study to gain a first class honours degree in psychology. Since then Anne-Marie has  worked in a clinical research positions and for a University teaching undergraduate psychology and behavioural neuroscience while undertaking a PhD in the area of reading ability in young children.

As a psychologist, Anne-Marie has also worked in the areas of forensic psychology, in the community disability sector  and also with children/teens and their families to support them with common challenges such as anxiety, depression, disengagement from school, bullying, trauma and inclusion. Anne-Marie has worked as a trainer for 23 years and a facilitator of parenting programs and has also worked as a family therapist with families facing many issues and difficulties.

My girls are in LOVE with this book…engrossed from the first page! What book are we talking about?

None other than the soon to be released…. Harriet Clare: Boys Beware

The release date for the book is 1st August…so keep an eye out for it. They can’t wait for the second book in the series to be released.

Louse Park has done a tremendous job on this book and what will be a splendid series.The presentation of the book had them intrigued and it connected with them. It resonates so well with the age group and certainly draws them in and keeps them entertained.

We read it as a girls moment as they were arguing over who could read it first (lol) as they were so excited to get their hands on it. It was an enjoyable time to watch their squeals of laughter, ’oohh’ and ‘ahhs’ and “Oh no’s” at some of the antics through the connection and linking in with the story and sharing the inclusive elements made it all the more interesting and real for the girls. It transported them into Harriet’s world so cleverly. The world of Harriet is humorous, entertaining, fun, creative and relates to the age group brilliantly.

I am lucky that my girls love reading. They do it as just part of their day and they become so thrilled at the prospect of finding a new author to read and they certainly have here. It is clear to see why Louise Park is a best selling author. Now the girls are begging to buy more books by her….a trip to the shops is now planned.

The way the book is presented… the illustrations, the illustrated text and areas for their own activities all embrace the reader into the world of Harriet Clare and her secret notebooks. It is just so relatable for this age. It hits the nail on the head! It is entertaining and yet it also has intertwined in the storyline components of problem solving and empathy in their real world terms.

From a practical parent perspective I loved the built in book mark. I don’t know about you but as an avid book reader myself and with girls who love to read it irritates me when they turn down the pages in a book to hold their place if they can’t find their bookmark. So this is a lovely added extra.